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Hand tools, coppice products, Forest School kit

I make my living by dealing in good quality hand tools, carrying out tool repairs, supplying Forest School equipment, managing woodland for hazel coppice products and firewood, and a bit of gardening and landscaping. I also deliver the occasional short course on tool maintenance and sharpening. I'm based in the Weald of Sussex and Surrey. If you think you might need my services please get in touch by email. I may also be interested in purchasing old tools - please email me, and feel free to include photos of interesting items.

I think it is true to say that I have some Luddite tendencies. No, I don't wreck machines (well, not often, and usually not intentionally!) but I do feel that older methods, materials and technologies are often needlessly thrown aside. Built in obsolescence and poor quality manufacturing make me grumpy - I have christened manufactured items like this "instant landfill" : buy it, break it, chuck it - repeat frequently. Who is actually benefitting from this? Tools and machines should be durable and repairable.

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