Environmental Education

Forest School started in Denmark, where school children are regularly taken out to take part in activities in a woodland. This has great benefits for all concerned, but especially for the less academically inclined, and those with emotional, social or behavioral problems. When a school in Crawley, W. Sussex, started a Forest School they wanted help from someone with a background in woodland work, so I was asked to join them. That became a regular three or four days per week in term time, and I've enjoyed it a lot. I've now completed a BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award for Forest Schools Leaders.

Much of the equipment needed for Forest School is easily available, however there are some items that can be difficult to find. I can often supply equipment for cooking over a fire, and I have tools that are suitable for FS use.

Palm Drills are available on their own page.

image of forest school session
It is really rewarding to see students who have little or no familiarity with the natural world enjoying the countryside, using tools safely and cooking on a fire for themselves. I wish it had been on offer when I was at school....

image of forest school activity

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