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Member of the Surrey & Sussex Coppice Group.

I have these hazel coppice products for
sale from the end Sept. to the end March:

Bean poles (bundle of 12) £10.00
Pea sticks (bundle approx of 12) £5.00
Plant stakes 70p each
Forked props 90p each
Hedgelaying binders 70p each
Hedgelaying stakes 70p each
Rustic poles for bowers etc - please enquire

Also available:

Birch tops (bundle of 12) £5.00
Walking stick blanks in holly, hazel, rowan etc. £1.00 each
I have supplied staves for a bow maker, rowan for a wand maker, hazel for morris staves, and wood for various other minority sports... if you have a need for a native species* of wood please get in touch, I'm happy to help find what you need.

* I have ash, birch (c), the occasional crab apple, hazel (c), a little hornbeam, holly (c), some hawthorn, common lime, pedunculate oak, quite a few wild service, yew.
Coppiced species indicated by (c). Most non coppiced species (other than oak) are of small girth i.e. less than 6".

Local (near Horley, Surrey) delivery is possible by arrangement.

Contact me by email if you need to discuss your requirements.

The wood I'm lucky enough to manage is a 10 acre (4 hectare) woodland near Horley, Surrey, owned by my family. About five acres of coppice are being brought back into production. A large amount of firewood has been felled, most was extracted and stacked by hand. I have also had a phase of using mechanical extraction: a Ransomes MG5.

image of new hazel coppice growth

Two year old hazel regrowth. The wood has a good selection of typical wealden plant species, and despite its small size supports a pleasing range of wildlife.

image of coppice produce

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